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Among the most important elements to have been discovered in the world of metallurgy, Copper is one. It is said to have been created in around 4000 BC. Honoring that very history, Copper Range is a company operating in Australia that extracts copper with the very best industry procedures. This involves capitalizing on procedures that are the least harmful to the environment.
This commitment to the environmental safety has earned us recognition several times in the past and continues to define us for our clients and the government. This philosophy continues to define us in all our endeavors and we hope to keep it that way.

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Services We Provide

Operating under this philosophy, we provide our services to a diverse set of clienteles. We provide the following services all around:

Copper Mining Equipment

As a part of our services, we not only offer mining services specifically for all of you but also focus on providing mining equipment.

This equipment is world-class

This equipment is world-class and is maintained in the best shape to ensure full effectiveness to all our clients. While these equipment may be expensive on their own, we ensure that we provide them at the most cost-effective and unbeatable rates to all our clients. Partly, this has been the reason for rising mining in the area for the past few years.


Not only are we providers of copper mining equipment, but also ensure that we effectively deal with all government regulations and compliances.

our services

We also provide our services in this regard to our customers to ensure that they are not flustered by the processes of the government.

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Perth caravan repairs: why you should consider servicing your caravans

If you want to make sure that your caravan is safe and ready for another round of wonderful holidays you should definitely consider getting it service by caravan Perth repairs. Everyone has an idea of how essential it is to service every year but getting the work done can be quite troublesome.

The first steps to finding a reputable workshop or a servicing professional who is known to carry out caravan servicing. You just cannot hire any technician to service your caravan you have to specifically hire those who are completely professional in their work and are only known to work with caravans and trailers.

It is necessary that the service you hire comprises of technicians who have a formal qualification and who stick to the code of practice initiated by the industry. This allows customers complete peace of mind and do you know that they can carry out and your road trips without fearing about the safety of their loved ones.

What you need to know about Perth caravan repair

When you schedule for caravan and trailer repairs you can be assured of the following:

  • Your caravan is serviced in a closed atmosphere despite any sort of weather condition
  • All your items safe and secure
  • If you have been going to the same repair service you would get reminders for the regular service checks
  • Some services offer to pick the caravan from your home however this might require an additional fee or cost. If that is an issue you may want to drop of the caravan or the trailer to the workshop on your own.
  • Some people prefer hiring mobile technicians who can visit their home and carry out a service. However you need to make a pre booking in advance.
  • It is also important that if the caravan is being serviced at home the technician had should have at least 1 meter of clear space around them.
  • One of the benefits of hiring of mobile technician is that you do not have to take your caravan to the workshop. This can reduce the logistical hassle and also reduce the cost of fuel.

When getting your caravan serviced you should allow at least 4 hours to the service person of the technician. They would carry out a detailed check or all of the following:

  • A proper check of the chassis and running gear. The technician would check for brake adjustment underneath the Caravan in the Jockey wheel.
  • They would also take a look at the electrical systems in ensure that the internal lights as well as the external lights are properly assessed. The wood also check other electrical installations like the fridge the consumer unit and the TV socket.
  • They would carry out manometer checks to look for leaks in the gas supply system.
  • The water system which includes the taps and water outlet would be observed for leaks or blockages.

Doing all these checks are necessary if you want to ensure that your trailer is in the best possible condition.

4wd winch buying guide

Are you looking for a 4wd winch for your jeep? It should be kept in mind that there are certain things which you should take into consideration before purchasing a winch. After all a winch is an investment and it is something which you might not be using all the time. In fact If you only use your jeep to drive around a simple trek it might not even be necessary to use one at all. However trouble can happen at any time and having a winch handy can save you from a lot of distress.

Things to consider before buying a 4wd winch

  • The first thing which you need to consider when buying a winch is the line pull rating that it has. It refers to the mechanical capacity of the winch and the tensile strength of its line on the drum. You should understand that the capacity of the winch is based upon its first cable. Usually a winch has three or four layers with the first one having the lowest gear ratio along with the highest pull.
  • Do considered the line length on the drum so that you can reach further than a necessary. The maximum full capacity of the winch is in its first layer of line so in order to get the best effect you would have to spool out a lot of cable. A drum with more line length means that it could get snarled up or jammed up. Season pros prefer a winch which has less line but still carries an extra 50 foot length just in case to be used as an extension.
  • You must also consider the speed of the winch. When unloaded most of the winches work pretty fast but when it comes to carrying a load they can slow down to quite an extent. If you are looking for a winch which is fast while carrying a load you would need to use lots of electrical power and for that you need dual battery system in your jeep.
  • There are winch motors which come with a variety of horse power rating. If you are looking for a fast winch with has all the strength in its pull you would need a powerful motor along with tall gears. The key is to compare loaded and unloaded line speed so that you can find a winch which is in keeping with your jeeps ability to deliver electricity.
  • An electrical winch comes with two types of Motors one with a permanent magnet and the series wound. The permanent magnet Motors are usually found in lower priced winches and use low amps compared to the heavy duty series. However these are not as durable as the series won’t winches and therefore might lose power when the weather turns cold. If you are looking for heavy duty usage you should definitely consider the series wound winch Motors.
  • You also have the option of choosing an electrical or a hydraulic winch, each have their own set of advantages.

Make sure that you speak with a professional to know which 4×4 winches you should be investing in.

Some Bus Maintenance Tips That Every Bus Driver Should Know About

Usage leads to wear and tear, especially in the case of things open to all public. Public transports tend to appear worn out and less appealing. You get all sorts of people hopping on the bus to get to work, home, school, a different town, city or anywhere anytime of the day. From old to young, so many individuals utilize buses as the most common mode of commute. A driver cannot control the steering wheel and keep an eye on what’s happening in the bus inside. He cannot control every passenger and by the end of the day because of heavy usage there is a lot that needs cleaning and repairing. Here are some bus maintenance tips that can help drivers in maintaining their buses in the face of heavy usage.

Proper cleansing

People get on and off of the bus all day long. From chewing gums thrown out on the floor and pressed under the seats, to mud deposits tracing a number of shoes that have gotten on and off the bus there is a lot that needs the drivers attention when the bus shuts down for the day. On the outside, the body and tires of the bus carry mud and dust from all the trips. You cannot call it a day without putting in the necessary effort to set the bus right. You need to clean or have the bus cleaned inside out otherwise carrying one days mess into the next will only make the deteriorated condition worse. Proper cleaning can keep the bus in a good shape even if it’s old. It even keeps rust away!


The engine is being used throughout the day, and even at night in some instances (depending upon the category of the bus). When a vehicle remains in use like this and given that it carries a number of lives in a day, it becomes essential for the driver to keep the mechanisms intact in order to avoid accidents and casualties. Firstly, before the beginning of every day the driver must perform a few checks to see that everything is working fine. The brakes, tires, water level, oil, battery, wipers and AC etc, need to be checked as a part of basic checks.

Timely maintenance

Timely maintenance is the ultimate key to keeping the bus healthy. The heavy duty that the bus performs puts this responsibility on the driver to keep the bus maintained as a safety measure against accidents and mishaps. Have maintenance trips with a diesel mechanic wetherill park scheduled at different intervals (as per your requirement, minimum being two to three). These tips will help in keeping bigger problems from developing and also reduces the risks of malfunctioning and accidents. If there are any small issues that are developing, these timely checkups can help in diagnosing and getting rid of them otherwise they can evolve into bigger issues that might require more work and money. Air and fuel filters, brake pads, wipers, must be replaced frequently. Battery and tires will need replacing after some time too.

Copper and geothermal energy a stone’s throw from Volterra: Mining Museum

To be miners for a day, to be guided by dwarf Spigolo in search of an underground kingdom in search of precious treasures until the discovery of an essential metal for the life of man, plants and animals: copper. What do you say?

The Mining Museum of Montecatini Val di Cecina tells how, from the Etruscan period until the early 1900s, brave men entered the ground to extract this precious mineral resource. Here you can visit nineteenth-century galleries, participate in many educational experiences of a day, a few hours or at night, by lantern light. Maybe you don’t know the Alta Val di Cecina? A visit to the Mining Museum is an extra opportunity to travel between Etruscan necropolises, Roman period remains, squares and medieval villages to end with a visit to the Documentation Centerof the museum and get to know all the richness of this land: copper, rock salt, alabaster, geothermal energy between thematic rooms and multimedia laboratories. In short, a trip that never ceases to surprise! What are you waiting for ??

The Mining Museum is part of the territorial museum system: the Etruscan Guarnacci Museum of Volterra, the Pinacoteca and Ecomuseum of the Alabaster of Volterra, Archaeological Areas and the Geothermal Museum of Larderello.

Extraction and production

Extraction and production
Copper is found in natural deposits present on all continents. This page summarizes the production processes that start from extraction in the mine to the final product having the highest commercial purity, used in a large number of applications essential for modern life.

Copper ores
Copper minerals are found in the earth’s crust in various forms and concentrations. In the outermost 10km of the earth’s crust, there are 33 g per ton of rock. In certain places, the concentration is much greater: these are the areas where the mines are located, where the extraction is economically convenient.

Copper deposits
In the case of copper, it is economically convenient to extract a mineral with a copper content of 0.2% (2 kg per ton of rock). It can be in the form of sulphides, oxides, cabonates, silicates or other compounds, or more rarely, in the native state. The most abundant minerals, which cover 80% of the deposits known worldwide, are chalcopyrite and bornite, which both contain copper and iron sulphides.

The extraction of copper
Here is a description of how copper is mined and converted into pure metal; processes that treat sulfur-containing minerals are considered.

Copper extraction

Copper minerals are obtained from mines both in the open air and in tunnels and the methods used are not particularly characterized compared to those now traditional also for other minerals 90% of the mineral is extracted from open pit mines (“open pit “).

Crushing and grinding

The mineral, which contains a significant amount of aggregates (gangue) is reduced, by means of powerful mills, to a powder of adequate granulometry in order to optimize the subsequent treatment.


This operation allows the separation of the fractions containing the copper from the aggregates; the powder, emulsified with surfactant liquids, is introduced into large tanks from where the surface foamy layer which contains the richest copper particles is removed. In fact, thanks to the selective surface tension, the sulphides are covered with minute bubbles of surfactant, which prevent contact with the water, and are dragged upwards by the air that is bubbled in the tank. The copper concentration obtainable can vary from 30 to 50% depending on the content of the starting mineral.

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