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Some Bus Maintenance Tips That Every Bus Driver Should Know About

Usage leads to wear and tear, especially in the case of things open to all public. Public transports tend to appear worn out and less appealing. You get all sorts of people hopping on the bus to get to work, home, school, a different town, city or anywhere anytime of the day. From old to young, so many individuals utilize buses as the most common mode of commute. A driver cannot control the steering wheel and keep an eye on what’s happening in the bus inside. He cannot control every passenger and by the end of the day because of heavy usage there is a lot that needs cleaning and repairing. Here are some bus maintenance tips that can help drivers in maintaining their buses in the face of heavy usage.

Proper cleansing

People get on and off of the bus all day long. From chewing gums thrown out on the floor and pressed under the seats, to mud deposits tracing a number of shoes that have gotten on and off the bus there is a lot that needs the drivers attention when the bus shuts down for the day. On the outside, the body and tires of the bus carry mud and dust from all the trips. You cannot call it a day without putting in the necessary effort to set the bus right. You need to clean or have the bus cleaned inside out otherwise carrying one days mess into the next will only make the deteriorated condition worse. Proper cleaning can keep the bus in a good shape even if it’s old. It even keeps rust away!


The engine is being used throughout the day, and even at night in some instances (depending upon the category of the bus). When a vehicle remains in use like this and given that it carries a number of lives in a day, it becomes essential for the driver to keep the mechanisms intact in order to avoid accidents and casualties. Firstly, before the beginning of every day the driver must perform a few checks to see that everything is working fine. The brakes, tires, water level, oil, battery, wipers and AC etc, need to be checked as a part of basic checks.

Timely maintenance

Timely maintenance is the ultimate key to keeping the bus healthy. The heavy duty that the bus performs puts this responsibility on the driver to keep the bus maintained as a safety measure against accidents and mishaps. Have maintenance trips with a diesel mechanic wetherill park scheduled at different intervals (as per your requirement, minimum being two to three). These tips will help in keeping bigger problems from developing and also reduces the risks of malfunctioning and accidents. If there are any small issues that are developing, these timely checkups can help in diagnosing and getting rid of them otherwise they can evolve into bigger issues that might require more work and money. Air and fuel filters, brake pads, wipers, must be replaced frequently. Battery and tires will need replacing after some time too.

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