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Copper and geothermal energy a stone’s throw from Volterra: Mining Museum

To be miners for a day, to be guided by dwarf Spigolo in search of an underground kingdom in search of precious treasures until the discovery of an essential metal for the life of man, plants and animals: copper. What do you say?

The Mining Museum of Montecatini Val di Cecina tells how, from the Etruscan period until the early 1900s, brave men entered the ground to extract this precious mineral resource. Here you can visit nineteenth-century galleries, participate in many educational experiences of a day, a few hours or at night, by lantern light. Maybe you don’t know the Alta Val di Cecina? A visit to the Mining Museum is an extra opportunity to travel between Etruscan necropolises, Roman period remains, squares and medieval villages to end with a visit to the Documentation Centerof the museum and get to know all the richness of this land: copper, rock salt, alabaster, geothermal energy between thematic rooms and multimedia laboratories. In short, a trip that never ceases to surprise! What are you waiting for ??

The Mining Museum is part of the territorial museum system: the Etruscan Guarnacci Museum of Volterra, the Pinacoteca and Ecomuseum of the Alabaster of Volterra, Archaeological Areas and the Geothermal Museum of Larderello.

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